Innovation and Experimentation done by teachers


Innovative Practice / experimentation undertaken for greater impact of


a.      Teaching – Learning Process with special emphasis on Value based education.


·         Reaching out to the neighbouring and out-stationed schools with professional assistance and guidance for mutual growth and forming TDG (Teacher Development Group) for professional sharing and reciprocation undertaken by principal.

·         Developing and improving English Communication Skill among pupils and teachers undertaken by Principal.

·         Training and Orientation courses for different categories of teachers and supporting staff for professional growth undertaken by Principal.

·         Human values: Integral and Inevitable Part of Education, undertaken by Principal.

·         How Bio-Technology is applicable for Human Welfare: A project undertaken by Mrs, Sarita Sharma, PGT (Biotech)

·         Exponent and powers, Symmetry in real life, Application Perimeter and area, Application of surface area and volume: Projects under taken by Mr, Rais Ahmed

·         Incredible India, English Poetry of Thomas Campbell, William Wordsworth and Sylvia Plath: A project undertaken by Mrs, H. P Mishra and a group of pupils

·         Forms of Business Organisation: A project by Miss. Rashmi, PGT (Commerce)

·         Memory of Computer: A project by Miss Kavitesh Sharma under .

·         Projects undertaken by Mrs. Madhumalti

* Preservation of Food,

* Primary Teachers’ Club,

* Fluency Development and Learning Grammar,

*Poetry on Moral Values and thought evoking Quotes.

*Ravindranath tagore: a great personality of Literary world.

*Resource Room of Primary Section

·         Projects launched by Mrs. Anita sachdeva, PGT (Biology)

 *Biology Club-An initiative for TDG (Teacher Development Group) for professional excellence in the field of BIOLOGY

*DNA Structure & Function.

·         Project by Mr. L.R. Meena, TGT (English) 

      *Transfer of Files in M. S Office.

      *Collection of English Words and their Usage in proper Context.

·         From tasting to Digesting: Mrs. Renu Sharma

·         Good Etiquettes: Project by Mrs Shshsila rajpurohit, H. M

·         Hindi Pariyojana Karya: by Mrs. Rekha Dixit

·         Scholastic competitions in Think Quest under my guidance..

      *Website Competition

      *Yoga:                         A project undertaken by 06 pupils and 01 Incharge Teacher under my

                                          guidance got participation certificates

      *Flight to Zenith:       A project undertaken by 06 pupils and 01 In charge Teacher under my

                                          guidance got participation certificates.

      *Good for Nothing:   A project undertaken by 06 pupils and 01 Incharge Teacher under my

                                          guidance got participation certificates.

      *Tagore Mahotstav:  IX to XII: Twenty pupils participated in Essay competition.

                                          VI to XII: Twenty pupils participated in Book Review project.

                                          III to V:    Twenty pupils participated in making PPTs of Story.



Projects undertaken by Pupils in the field of basic and natural Science under my guidance:

·         Micro Biel Fuel Cell: A Project by Master Vishal Chabra, Class XII.

·         Parabolic trough solar water heater: A Project by Abhishek pandey.

·         Medicinal Plants: a project by Arun Tiwari, Class XII.

Projects undertaken by Mrs. Madhumalti, PRT under my guidance:

·         Improving Calligraphy (Hand Writing of Young Learners.

·         Making PPTs, Charts, Sketches,

·         Developing Content, Fluency and Accuracy (CFA) among young pupils.

·         Noun and Nominalisation: Project in class V.

·         Description of Adjectives: project in class V.

·         Creative writing with powerful imagination: Project in class V.

·         Learning meaning & Usage of one word daily: Project in class v.

·         Contributing one thought-evoking thought daily: project in Class V & VI.

·         Making Class Magazine: Project in Class V.

·         Collection of Poems: Project in class VI.

·         Fun with Sounds: Project in Class V.


Projects undertaken by other teachers and pupils under my guidance:


Sl No

Name of Project

Students Participated

Name of Teacher


Recitation  with exact pronunciation and emotional expressions of Self  composed poetry on different aspects of nature and environment like plants, rain, seasons, mother, birds and animals etc.

Class IV students

Mrs Neelam Sapre


Good Handwriting, exact pronunciation, expression , and body language

Class III students

Mrs Kusum D Singh


Good Handwriting, exact pronunciation (Hindi & English)

Class II students

Mrs Neeru Chadda

Picture Dictionary

Number names, Tables, Mental sums


Picture Dictionary in both (English and Hindi)

Class I Students

Mrs Renu Sharma

Preparation of flash cards and mask of different animals and birds

To develop spoken English with correct pronunciation


Good  handwriting and cursive hand writing


Trip to Bhopal


Class IV Students (Maths) students

Mrs Reeta Bhardwaj


Poems like “Love Yourself” (self written) Money Matters etc.

Class IV English students

Word building (cross word puzzles), Similes’, debates on different topics like “ India has got the potential to lead the world in education”

“Obama’s visit” etc.

Class V English Students

Fish Market

Class V  Maths students


Handwriting, exact pronunciation (Hindi & English)

Class II students

Mrs Kiran Singh









Picture Dictionary,

Different poems,

Use of old calendars,  

Prepare scrap books to paste picture

Making different shapes with clay


Visit the fish market and write your experience and draw different fishes using different geo-metrical shapes

Class V Maths Students

Mrs Sumitra Bishnoi


Draw different shapes using match sticks and make types of angles

Class V Maths Students

Collect information about elephant from internet and prepare a PPT

Class IV EVS students

Prepare scrap books to paste picture of different types of animals ( like animals with external ears, animals with internal ears etc.)

Class IV EVS students


National Parks of India

Class V students

Mrs Monita Gupta

Endangered Animals

Class V students

Extinct Spices

Class V students